Getting a Career as a PR Professional

A public relations job in a reputed company is a job which involves compound management skills and achieving goals that are predetermined. PR professionals are employed by all organizations to review all the plans and policies and communicate between the organization and their clients, society, etc. PR professionals are employed for the development of interest in the organization's products or services and awareness of the company's stand on various issues. They are the company's spokesperson, managing the information, its flow, policies, etc.


PR professionals present the company to all its clients in the most positive light. This is done via distributing press releases, newsletters, media and internet broadcasts, etc. They are responsible for conveying various messages related to company's products and service announcements or administrative changes in an organization. The field of public relations is different from advertising, as the former focuses on media attention that is not paid.

A PR professional has to undertake various responsibilities and duties, such as product study, market research, brand planning, and policy implementation, thereby convincing the management with regards to the achievement of all the goals and objectives.

They need to maintain the organization's files and records of its various PR related activities. Further, they address all kinds of inquiries coming from the public and also the press. PR personnel have the responsibility of organizing press conferences, events, and other media activities. If they happen to possess experience then, they can also do the writing of press releases, speeches themselves, in addition to the coordination of the PR programs. You, as a PR professional would be representing your company in various projects, preparing various presentations for meetings and launches, planning of various conventions, preparation of a company's annual reports, proposal writings, etc.

Qualities and Skills a PR Professional Must Possess

PR professionals must have excellent writing and verbal communication skills. Moreover, they must be smart, confident and possess a positive personality. They also need to be adept with all the current industry news. They should also possess time management skills, along with skills in event planning, researching, cold calling, public speaking, etc. They must be outgoing and must like socializing and business networking. Knowledge about the human psychology and comprehending ability of all the basic impulses, etc. will help them in getting work executed more effectively.

Educational Requirements to be a PR Professional

A PR professional must have great academic record, specializing in subjects like political science, law, semantics, economics, philosophy, history etc. A degree in public relation would certainly help them get the right job. Apart from these criteria, one must have professional experience, preferably internship in the related field.

The salary of a PR professional depends on the position and on an average basis it is from $31,000 to $65,000 annually.

In this field the employment rate is anticipated to show a surge in requirement which would be greater than many other occupations towards the middle of the new decade. One must remember that this is a field of strong competition. Therefore, there are many applicants for the entry level only. With experience, qualifications and the right organization, one can achieve success in this field of Public Relation.
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