Tips on Transitioning from One PR Firm to Another

Take time to learn your new firm's clients. As PR professionals, we often get into a rhythm of servicing a type of client. Whether it is consumer, professional, or celebrity the PR pro becomes a master of a specific type of client. When transitioning to a new firm, you need to learn about your new type of clients before you get your name printed on a business card. Pitches, content, and marketing materials will have a largely different voice depending on what type of client you are now servicing. If you are walking into a celebrity focused firm, and you have been working in legal PR for 10 years, you will need to learn how to write for that audience and appeal to their interests. Do your homework and read up on press releases pertaining to your client's field and learn what is newsworthy and relevant as you enter into a new PR firm's book of business.

Your contacts are currency. As PR pros, we naturally build up alist of contacts in the media. Make sure you always nurture your list ofmedia contacts and send them a note addressing your change of firm. Youwant to make it easy for them to find you, especially if you have along-standing relationship. Your leaders at your new PR firm will appreciate your loyalty and look kindly on a list of new media contacts
being brought to their firm.

Follow your new firm's social networks as you embark on your career with them. What better way to gain insight about your new co-workers than by checking out their social media presence? This is a greatway to get a feel for how they operate, what they value, and what that firm finds funny or interesting.
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