Interviewing for a PR Job: The Top Tips

My friends who are in the public relations industry are lucky to be in thriving careers, but like the rest of us, at one point or another, they need to go through the intimidating (and sometimes grueling) interview process. According to
Below — with advice and tips from — I’ve outlined what a
PR professional should be aware of during an interview and how he or she should handle the interview situation. So read on to see how you can nail a perfect PR interview.
  1. Organization and preparation are key elements for a PR professional to recognize when it comes to interviewing. Make sure to present your writing samples in an organized manner. Pick the right samples that will be appropriate for the company in question. Brush up on your grammar as well, as there will probably be a writing test or something similar.

  2. Research the company and its PR angle. As a PR professional, you can use your resourcefulness to find out a lot about your potential employer. Check out the company’s website and how it has handled its public relations in the past. Use search engines like Google to check out the company’s background and what it stands for. Make sure it’s a company you see yourself feeling comfortable with. You will save yourself a lot of hassle and headaches if you know before the interview.

  3. Communication is one of your strongest skills, so show it. Especially as a PR specialist, you need to portray that you can communicate in writing and in person. The interview will show the employer how well you can do both. Using numbers and percentages, especially at larger PR firms, will show that you have a masterful view of the industry.

  4. One’s resume is among the most important components in a PR interview. As a PR professional, you should name your clients and mention past awards in the industry in your resume. Don’t be afraid to show off your past successes.

  5. Identify your technological skills as a PR professional. With websites becoming more popular, being a PR specialist who can work with the Internet is a big plus. These days, blogs and other forms of digital media are taking over, so let the employer know you have Internet experience.
Ultimately, try to be comfortable and as personable as you can. They wouldn’t be interviewing you if you weren’t an asset, so make sure to prove to them that you would make a great addition to their PR department. Good luck!
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