Expert Advice on Moving from One PR Firm to Another

  1. Maintain and sustain the networks you had built at your previous firm; for good reasons:

    A) Assisting your "new" employer in partnership/business opportunities can improve their own personal stock within a company;

    B) Anyone who helps his/her colleagues in future job searches is a hero (for life); and

    C) You never know where you might end up. The importance of maintaining strong ties to former employers (and colleagues) can never be understated.

  2. The PR universe is a relatively small one. Never burn bridges as this will inevitably come back to haunt you.

  3. Turnover rates at PR firms are extremely high (and higher than in most industries). There are some real (and disheartening) reasons for this:

    A) Emphasis at PR firms tends to be on billing clients and not on building future leaders;

    B) Teaching staff on how to be good role models/leaders is often not a priority within the industry (because it's time away from billing clients); and

    C) It's very difficult to move around from one sector to another within the agency world (once you are seen as a person having experience within a specific sector). Choose your employer and work environment carefully. Don't just look at salary/title, but opportunity as well. Additionally, be a great (not a good) manager of people and others will follow you wherever you go in the future (which will also serve to increase your value to any future employer).

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