Tips on Moving from One PR Firm to Another

  • From someone that has worked at three of the top three PR firms in Houston (back-to-back), I would recommend not talking about what you did or how it was done at XX PR firm. If it's anything people don't like to hear, whether at a PR firm or anywhere, is how it was done at another company.

  • Don't fret about the types of clients you used to have, and wish you had now. Not only can you bring in new clients with the type of work that interests you; you may find interest in those you haven't worked with before - look at it as a new opportunity.

  • Jump at opportunities to become involved in activities you didn't have the chance to do before, but feel strongly you can make a contribution. It may be that those with more experience were assigned those activities at the other firms, but who's to say you can't at your new firm.

  • Realize each firm has a different culture before you make the jump. Just because you've heard so much about them, or they're considered "the best" in town, make sure it fits with your personality and style of working.

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