Advice from a PR Pro on Moving from One Firm to Another

Last July, I made the switch from a full service marketing agency with a PR department to a public relations and social media agency. I'm happy to share my insights beyond what I've included below. My contact information is below.

  1. Review your non-compete both before you sign with your new employer and any existing non-compete. It may restrict what you can say about your former role, clients and work performed in addition to disqualifying you from working for agencies considered to compete with the employer you are trying to leave or have left.

  2. Never speak ill of former employers. You don't want to be perceived as a disgruntled worker. You'd be surprised how many communications pros don't heed this advice.

  3. Once you've arrived at your new firm, immediately contact as many of your trusted media contacts as possible to let them know where you landed, and what types of work/clients your new firm manages. Doing so can help you land hits within the first week if done correctly and with tact.

  4. Avoid leading with your ego. Yes, you have experience. But your new colleagues know your new agency better than you. Take the time to learn the rhythms of the new firm and personalities before trying to suggest changes or make improvements.

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